Healing Cards – Volume 1


Each pack contains 54 symbols and their meanings.

The Symbols are easy and simple to use as spirit intended. To work with each Symbol, simply visualise the Symbol that has drawn your attention, close your eyes and let the Symbol go within your body to where it requires this energy. Meditate on the Symbol until you feel the energetic restriction release and you should find clarity about how you have created the relevant issue in your life. You will now have the ability to choose another way if this is honouring and loving to your journey.

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Alternatively you may like to select more cards to do a reading for yourself or others. Simply select your cards, placing them down symbol side up and take a moment to focus on each symbol to allow the energy of your card spread to filter into your being. Once you have felt the energy of your symbolic reading, turn each card over and read the intention of your message. Always remember that energetic readings are metaphoric or symbolic, they are not meant to be rigorously analysed or interpreted. Just understand what it means for you and for your journey and always retain your power over your life creations.

Symbols have been utilised by many civilisations right through time to generate or signify desired or clear undesired energies in the environment. Ancients have all used symbolic languages to communicate, record or create intention with each other, mother earth and spirit. Symbols have the powerful ability to cut through intellectual limitations to create energies beyond our ability to comprehend physically or even spiritually. Symbols are the common language of the soul and provide a key to opening humanity to the greater consciousness of all that is – the Universe.


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