Master Cards


The Universal Symbols’ Master Card Pack contains 63 new and powerful symbols to assist your spiritual evolution. There are a number of Ascended Master and Archangel Symbols to provide guidance, insights and healing for souls interested and willing to change every aspect of their lives. These symbols will transform and evolutionise your life, reminding you of the infinite creative power of your soul and enabling you to wholeheartedly inspire your unique spiritual flame. You are, we are all of one Universal Existence, we are all within this One body of Consciousness, all One, all Conscious. Universal Symbols are Keys to your Consciousness, unlocking, releasing and inspiring your Spirit to be everything you are meant to be. Utilise this beautifully simple and effective energy into your life, surrender to your divine will and enjoy all the fruits of your spiritual life to manifest in every moment of your being. Remember, know, accept, trust, embrace, be and love all of your magnificent self.

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